Portfolio Services and Analytics

Portfolio Sales, Acquisitions and Divestiture Consulting

The portfolio acquisition and divestiture consulting services assist with managing balance sheet concentrations and capital ratios. SCRA’s services have assisted clients with exiting non-strategic asset classes and have allowed organizations to strategically raise capital.

Whether you are selling, buying or looking for consumer loan portfolios, SCRA’s analytics team also provides valuation and due diligence assessments to assist with determining a portfolio’s value. As a partner, SCRA’s team of experienced professionals builds risk and pricing models to predict performance and allow for risk mitigation.

By consistently studying the consumer loan marketplace, SCRA matches clients with buyers, sellers, and servicers to help them meet their goals.

Third-Party Servicing Analytics

As an ancillary product to the AmeriFirst business line of servicing consumer receivables portfolios, Summit offers comprehensive data analytics and research focused on the past, current and future performance of these portfolios. SCRA’s analytics solutions include portfolio analysis, Key Performance Indicator (“KPI”) development and analysis, data visualization, management dashboards, and other metrics and tools to better understand and evaluate client portfolios. Summit also works with its clients to build custom solutions that best fit their needs.

With Summit’s deep experience in creating competitive consumer finance programs, and with the original creation of AmeriFirst dating back forty years, the company has been able to collect and analyze vast amounts of data in the consumer receivables space. Additionally, the team at Summit has many years of experience in financial analysis and modeling, data analytics and visualization, and the ability to apply these skills to reinforce strategic business decisions. Summit leverages these skills to help develop and enhance new or existing consumer finance programs, assist in bulk portfolio acquisitions for a variety of product verticals, and improve its already-established, robust loan servicing business by adding this as an ancillary product.

By leveraging our analytical capabilities, we aim to help our clients develop a foundation and strategy focused on the performance of their consumer receivables portfolios. The combination of a robust consumer receivables data set, and an experienced finance and analytics team enables Summit to provide thorough research and insight for our current and future clients. This data-driven approach to Summit’s core product lines can ultimately lead to better strategic decision-making and improved performance.

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