Consumer Receivables Investing

Summit provides investors with a way to participate in the attractive returns, low volatility and low correlation to the markets offered through the purchase and management of consumer loans and receivables. The Summit team has the expertise, persistent track record and risk management structure to take advantage of the investment opportunities that exist in this arena.

Attributes of the receivables we purchase typically include:

  • Current “seasoning” or in-depth credit underwriting of each consumer obligor, allowing us to effectively predict aggregate payment performance
  • Pricing at a discount to par (based on default risk, coupon and term)
  • The ability to improve servicing cash flow through our affiliate servicing and collections company AmeriFirst, with expertise in servicing loans for the products and services in our niche

Summit investment structures for receivables investing include separately managed investor accounts, pooled investment vehicles and subordinated debt investment opportunities.

On behalf of our investors, Summit transacted over one billion US dollars in acquisitions in the last three years.

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